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Coby White went and severely hurt his shoulder on his day off, will be out of action potentially through training camp


NBA: Toronto Raptors at Chicago Bulls
this is NOT the injury, but it looks shoulder-y
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

This came out of left field: news broke Thursday afternoon that Coby White underwent surgery on his left (non-shooting) shoulder to address an injury suffered this past weekend.

There’s no clarification on what the surgery is repairing*, but the team release did manage to:

1) Identify their medical partner in capital letters (and surgeon Brian “the butcher of Madison Street” Cole)

2) Say the injury was suffered during “basketball activities away from the team”. You hear that? It wasn’t The Advocate (tm) Center, a beautiful facility.

As a sufferer of GarPax derangement syndrome, I reflexively wonder how the team feels about guys not being “in our building” even though we haven’t seen that type of language from the new regime.

But that’s not really urgently worrisome compared to the fact that Coby White now has a totally wasted offseason. We won’t even get dumb #musclewatch pictures from the slender White!

Because the release says “re-evaluated in four months”, and doing calendar math, that puts the team already into training camp for the 2021-22 season, with that estimate being merely when he’ll be ‘evaluated’ (AKME bingo word), not any indication of when White can actually return to action.

This is very bad, not only for White’s development (bingo again) but for a roster that needs like 5-6 more rotation players this offseason to try and get into the JV conference playoffs, and now they can’t count on White being ready opening night.

*Update: an hour after announcing it, they told KC Johnson (ok, ok, maybe he has different ‘sources’) that the specific injury is a tear in the labrum.