Free agent guards the Bulls could've signed watch

The Bulls still have half of their MLE unused,and the Knicks just used a similar sized slot to sign Argentine PG Luca Vildoza - who Woj calls "one of the top playmaking guards in Europe" - to a 4 year deal, apparently 3 of them non-guaranteed.

We could have even given him a million guaranteed next year and harmed nothing.

I don't even give a shit if this guy amounts to nothing. This is exactly what the Bulls should have been doing all year long. I don't really care about rooting for a bad team, but it's a curiously fucked up feeling when you root for one that isn't even trying.

I'm watching all these other teams in about the same or even better position as the Bulls doing stuff like this
And I'm getting that selling-the-2nd-rounder-to-Golden-State feeling again.

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