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Bulls draft order (if they send pick to Magic) finalized by tiebreaker

hey, we know the 2nd round selection now?

NBA: NBA Draft Lottery Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA settled the various record tiebreakers to determine the order for this summer’s draft. The Bulls were tied with Sacramento and New Orleans with 31-41 records.

It’s important to note first that this tiebreaker had no bearing on the Bulls chances of keeping their pick. Those odds are split evenly amongst the tied teams, and so remains at a 20.3% chance of retention versus the pick conveying to the Orlando Magic.

The Bulls did ‘win’ the tiebreaker, followed by the Kings and Pelicans. This just means that if the Bulls selection doesn’t jump into the top four, the Magic now get the better slot versus those other two teams.

The winners of the first round tiebreaker are losers in the 2nd round. So the Bulls selection there is knocked down to #40.

HOWEVER, the Bulls have swap rights in the 2nd round this year, coincidentally with the Pelicans (included in the Mirotic trade). So the Bulls will actually select at the Pels’ spot at #38 overall.