Why not him? Why can't Derrick Rose be our PG next year?

Why are we talking Ball so much (a really flawed player), or frigging Kyle Lowry or Mike Conley (who I like but gonna be expensive AF) instead of simply wanting DRose back? I mean, he's a true leader at this point in his career, great scorer an playmaker, heck he's even playing real good D when he wants to. Also, he's willing to come of the bench and no player wants to win more in Chicago and for Chicago than him. He can contribute right now and be a mentor to contribute for the future too, and he won't be expensive at all.

It's not about "being nostalgic" anymore, look at the impact he's been having in NY this year, he's a big reason they're a playoff team. They're around 23-11 with him and 50% or lower without. He could be the PERFECT addition and we're out there wanting to overpay for over the hill veterans like Lowry or bring a flawed player like Ball who is a mirage and will be heavily criticized here. There's a reason he didn't pan out in two teams already.

Bring our MVP back home. Rose is Chicago and he can jumpstart our new era, even in his new remodeled self.

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