Just Some Thoughts

I was truly encouraged by this past season, no playoffs AGAIN, BUT... the way the team played was a complete 180 over the crap we've seen lately. AND there was visual growth from players, that I was looking for to be core players. The young players who looked overwhelmed got replaced, sometimes permanently (WCJ), sometimes temporarily (Coby). You can build a top 4 team from Zach, Vooch, Coby, and the Paw.

Everyone gets stuck on adding a PG, but if it's not Lonzo, I hope they pass on the rest, at least as starting material. Lonzo would be a perfect fit next to Zach and Coby, but honestly I think it's more a combination of his size and defensive skill set than offense. His PG skills would be an added bonus.

My second option to throw into that starting 5 to grow together is Kelly Oubre Jr. Dude, seems like he's been in the league forever but he's only 25, and even though GSW loves him, I can't see him taking a discount to come off the bench. Grab another young hungry dude, even at his worse this year, he was better than anyone that was thrown out there when Lauri was hurt and The Paw was the starting 4 (When they looked the best to me). Getting either of 2, gives you a lockdown perimeter defender to pair with the ascending Paw. **SN** I really hope he goes to train with Zach this summer at the compound**

I'd resign Theis and Temple.

Sign and trade Lauri to SA for Lonny Walker

Trade Sato and Arch to Minn for Ricky Rubio.

PG Coby Rubio Dotson

SG Zach Walker

SF Oubre Jr. Temple

PF Paw Thad

C Vooch Theis Marko

Do this and you still have money for next offseason, with Rubio's $17 mil and Thad's $14 mil coming off the books.

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