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Bulls vs. Nets preview and thread: all must-win now, pretty much

very little margin for a loss

Brooklyn Nets v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

Everyone, I don’t want to hear anything extrapolated from these wins in friggin’ MAY of the NBA season, with every team going through some combination of tanking, seeding positioning, injury management, or protocol hell.

Just win, to get to the play-in. It tells us nothing beyond that.

And all you need to know about the Bulls’ final week is this:

(and, conversely, that the Bulls are within 1 game of the Kings, who host the shameful Thunder tonight)

It looks like the opponent tonight, the Brooklyn Nets, are trying. They are one game up on the Bucks holding on to the 2nd seed. This is the end of their 5-game road trip , and they had lost 4 in a row before beating the Nuggets on Saturday night. So does that mean they’ve been in Chicago since then? hmm...

Injury Report:

Kevin Durant is playing. James Harden is still not.

For the Bulls, Troy Brown is now ‘questionable’ versus out. Daniel Theis remains questionable after missing the Bulls last game.

Game Time: 7pm, NBC Sports Chicago