Bulls optimism from Sports Illustrated!

If you haven’t read Michael Pina’s article from yesterday, I highly encourage you do (forgive me for the crappy copy/paste. Moving quickly and haven’t had my coffee yet).

His key takeaway here is that the Bulls are in good shape regardless of what happens this season. I think it’s healthy for us diehard Bulls fans to read something like this from smart national writers, because it allows us to get out of our heads.

When you obsessively follow the Bulls like I do, it can be easy to fall down the rabbit holes that come from fearing the worst.

"My god, what if we miss the playoffs this year, give Orlando a good pick, AND Carter develops into a star????"

Articles like this are good for calming me down. If you’re anxious about whether or not the Bulls will make the playoffs this year, I recommend you read it. It might help ease your worry.

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