a case of shitbag Joe Cowley being shitty but not tweeting it because has rabbit ears

Listen, we all think Otto Porter came into camp out of shape

but Cowley has been outright saying Otto is faking an injury, or at least that he doesn't care to play anymore

it kinda continued all year, now after the trade

all in this dumbass's idea of 'toughness' being his only metric for anything

Anyway that's not the shitty part. I mean, it's somewhat bad to suggest this on Twitter and on radio spots without reporting it in the paper and BEING A MAN in the locker room like he so values.

But the year after Otto joined the Bulls, Cowley was all praises about what a professional Otto was...because it served as a way to shit on another guy he didn't like and thought was 'soft', Jabari Parker. Parker sulked and didn't listen to Boylen, but Otto supposedly came in and was a big time tough pro man to the level that it inspired Zach LaVine because Otto made max money.

If you want to be the tough real-story guy, report it that Otto is exacerbating injuries, and even better acknowledge this is a change from previous seasons where you hailed him as a pro's pro or whatever. Don't do this half-assed shit on Twitter and podcasts and the radio where you wink at stuff you 'know' yet keep it from the readers.

The point is all that Cowley is too stupid to be a good beat reporter (he still literally doesn't understand how blogs work), and he compounds it with his lack of understanding of basketball while being so certain about it to just be a loathsome personality. We just deserve better. At least Cowley isn't paid by a Reinsdorf-owned outlet or partner. That leaves him and Darnell Mayberry, and Darnell looks to be less than full-time (maybe that's just COVID related).

He's too stupid to even 'attack', if I Tweeted this with or without tagging him, he'd respond with a quote tweet something nonsensical like "well I guess THE BIG DOG don't hunt" or something with a Scorsese movie GIF. Fucking moron. Hopefully he gets wind of this and is required to provide a hit to BlogABull Dot com at least

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