OK so what's going on with LaVine's Covid case already...

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This is half-baked so I won't make it a whole story.

But has LaVine's absence now transcended into 'unusual'?

We know he returned a positive test. That requires a minimum 10-day absence. It's now been 16 days. And per Billy Donovan (so, not reliable in this case) it'll be another few days before there's even an update.

Protocols say

Anyone who tests positive will have two routes to return to work: go 10 days or more after the first positive test or onset of symptoms, or test negative twice at least 24 hours apart via PCR testing.

Though these are the preseason protocols. I know they changed some things a couple months ago but I think it was all preventative stuff and if you were fully vaccinated, can't find any change to this return-to-work policy. The beat writers say "The NBA's return-to-play guidelines are extensive and include cardiac screening

So maybe it's not that unusual, and instead LaVine is just continually testing positive so he has to wait. The beat writers mention the 'cardiac screening' required, but while I can't find that in a official protocol memo there's this article about it:

While much remains unknown and as researchers are learning more about COVID-19, the NBA ensured cardiac screen is part of its extensive health and safety protocols. An abundance of caution rules the day, and heart injuries from COVID-19 are something other sports will need to watch, too

The screening is three-pronged: troponin testing - which can detect heart injury in the blood; electrocardiogram - which measures heart function; and an echocardiogram - which generates images of the heart to assess left ventricular function.

So maybe, does THIS take a few days, and LaVine has already tested negative and now has to do the screening?

Anyway, LaVine himself isn't taking this very well. He told Tomas Satoransky he was without symptoms, and also on day 14 he tweeted "These protocols are for the BIRDS I'm good...."

Maybe LaVine is missing the entire point of the protocols reducing asymptomatic transmission. Or he is testing negative and now is annoyed he remains out (due to the cardiac screening? The Bulls not re-activating his employee badge?)

If it's the former, especially, I then question his attitude towards the pandemic in general and how he contracted it. I know we're not supposed to blame people for catching a highly communicative disease, but if he has a history of recklessness it's more fair to IMO.

MANY, but not all, of the Bulls received a first dose of the vaccine. Joe Cowley in his typical half-assed way is sort of confirming that Zach received a dose. Maybe Zach went hog wild afterwards not realizing how far he was from being fully vaccinated.

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