The Donovan Discussion

I thought I'd try to start a discussion on here to find out what everyone thinks of Billy Donovan so far.

When they hired him, I recall thinking that he might be the longest tenured coach for whom I had no strong opinion. While he had coached in OKC for years, Donovan consecutively had Westbrook and Paul, whose teams inevitably take on the style of the lead point guard. As such, any coaching philosophy that Donovan espoused was muted.

As the year started, I was ecstatic to see real coaching on the Bulls. The improvement over Boylen has been immense. The offense has real shape and the defense, while often putrid, doesn't rely on gimmicks that fall apart with the first sign of competency from the opposing team. Nonetheless, it is fair to question how good a coach Donovan is.

Recently, John Hollinger and Nate Duncan did their annual coach rankings and placed Donovan roughly 26th and definitively in the bottom third of coaches. While this is a big Bulls coaching jump from the previous year, it still leaves a lot to be desired. Hollinger and Duncan described Donovan as a very vanilla coach who doesn't add a lot of value to the teams he is on. While Donovan is not a "bad" coach, coaching in the NBA has improved so much over the recent years that traditionally average coaches have been pushed down towards the bottom.

What is everybody else's opinion?

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