The Return of Actual Bulls' Fans at Home?

I know it has to be very frustrating for many Bulls' fans. While the on court product remains maddeningly inconsistent and awful at times, I'm sure the players wish that Joe Bulls Fan could take in the games again at United Center like 27 other NBA teams. Could that day be drawing near?

The subject came up at a press conference this week. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot told reporters that there have been talks with the United Center and its 2 main tenants about allowing fans to return, albeit for the final home games of their respective seasons. Time is running out with only a small number of home games left.

Mayor Lightfoot says that the 2 U.C. tenants have "very solid plans" in regards to reopening to fans, but those plans were put on hold due to an upswing in COVID19 cases. Might it also be too little, too late?

The Bulls are one of three NBA teams that are playing home games without fans and with only essential personnel. The Portland Trailblazers & Oklahoma City Thunder are the only other teams playing home games fan-free. While the Blazers are in similar talks to reopen to fans there, the Thunder have already slammed the door shut. Oklahoma City brass have already announced that fans won't be attending the remaining home games there.

The Bulls have just 6 home games remaining following Thursday's home game vs the Charlotte Hornets and wrap up the home schedule vs the Toronto Raptors Thursday, May 13. The Blackhawks, on the other hand, have just 5 home games left on their schedule. The Hawks wrap up the regular season vs the Dallas Stars Monday, May 10.

With the San Jose Sharks allowing fans in the stands starting April 26, the Hawks will be the last NHL team to play home games fan-free. That might be the plan for BOTH U.C. teams if something isn't worked out quickly.

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