FA Point Guards next season

Biggest catch is that Lavine will realize how underpaid he is.

1. Chis Paul but don't see us paying $40 mill

2. Conley is best choice- Utah has so many salaries it needs to deal with. He just wins

3. Lowrey- Same as Paul-the number will be hard to swallow but we become one of top teams in East just because he drags our guys with him.

3. Schroder- Took deal to prove is value at LA- very nice point but undersized

4. Most interesting may be Goran Dragic since Miami is unlikely to exercise his option in order to sign Oladipo who will be FA. We should still go after him either way and make Miami pay up to get him.

5. Lonzo Ball- our biggest problem is getting the ball to players where they can do something with it and seeing miss-matches when they happen. Ball is very good at both.

Our failure experiment of making White a point needs to end. I really like Sats as a backup because he is efficient but lacks quickness. Know how to play on both ends but cant get where he wants during crunch time. Our best second point right now is Valentine and out best passer is Young. Sad. Some team will make a big offer to Lauri since we have no idea how to use him. When they switch off pick and roll or when teams play him small, we have White at point who cannot make entry pass but also doen't look for anything other than setting up his shot. I have been hugely disappointed with coaching since trade. They have not figure out how to use Lauri or Young and want to stick with set rotations when some players are clearly not playing hard. Lauri came in a game and made 3 nice plays attacking the basket a few games back and then came out and didnt play for almost two quarters. Theis was clearly the only guy competing against Memphis and we take him out. We have a number of guys going through the motion early in Orlando and we don't see which guys are playing at full spreed and which aren't. Only the vets we brought in have a clue how and when to help on defense. Its hard for me to watch NBA players that have no idea how to rotate on defense. Dont know ho bad the old coaching staff screwed them up but it is brutal to watch. Theis has been a nice pickup and he competes. Vuc does his thing but unfortunately the only other very competitive guy on this team in Young has been losing minutes to improve spacing. We need a point guard who can be a leader.

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