The Bulls made national news! (Ringer article discussion thread).

The Bulls made it above the fold on the Ringer!

Not the deepest of article. The summary is that the Bulls have made a major roster overhaul mid-season in a year with almost no practice, and it will be complicated.

To me, the key quote is this one.

In the two games Chicago has played since the trades, 14 different Bulls have seen rotation minutes. "Sometimes I think things look good in theory, but you’re never gonna quite know until you experiment or explore it," said head coach Billy Donovan, who already has started two significantly different looks in his free-associated frontcourt.

This speaks to just how serious the organization was about this year being an evaluation year. Even Donovan seems to be lacking a kind of win-now urgency (see White, Coby). 14 rotation players speaks to throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. Maybe this is the only way given the constraints of a Covid year, but I think it is clear the effect this has on the L column.

I do not like this approach but could be proven wrong. I look longingly at the Knicks, where rotations are built for victory at all costs (with all the attendant Thibs baggage and sometimes weird favorites). We do not have a lot of proven winners on this team and an organizational philosophy of dicking around for a year will probably not help that.

As it stands, I do not think that this team has one signature win this season. I would like them to congeal and claim at least one scalp in a hyper-intense game. That at least would be a small victory for a season spent waiting and seeing.

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