Who should be in the rotation down the stretch?

I was once a full on Lauri and Coby stan. I am no longer on their bandwagon. I believe that it is in our best interest to show a commitment to winning every game we can over the next two months. With that said, I am wondering who should be in the lineup for the Bulls over the two months.

  1. I don't think Thad should start. He is better coming off the bench leading the second unit. This also relieves us of the Thad is the second best player on the team codependency. Zach and Nikola need to learn how to rely on one another, and this is the most important relationship on the team IMO.
  2. I obviously don't think Lauri should start. He can play more minutes if he is hot, but he should be a 20-25 minutes a game guy. He's not consistent enough to get 30 plus minutes every night.
  3. Theis adds some great toughness to the starting lineup without having to expect a lot of ball handling like Thad. I want to see PWill step into a more prominent role and in order to do this Thad needs to come off the bench. This makes PWill the third most important player on the team. Its his time to start stepping into that role.
  4. TBJ over Aminu and Valentine. TBJ is arguably the 4th or 5th most important player on this roster. That's assuming PWill starts to play to his talent level. TBJ should take all of the OPJ minutes and all of the Valentine minutes. He plays great wing defense and he passes the ball well. He is a younger version of Temple. He needs to play a lot and if PWill is playing passive, BD should play TBJ more.
  5. Coby is in a microwave role. Come in the game, get some offense, and score in bunches. To steal a hockey term, he just isn't a responsible player. He shoots when he should pass. He drives when he should kick. He makes silly fouls. He needs to sit with a coach in the off season and look at every one of his possessions. He does a lot so silly stuff on the court that are indicative of a gunner not a combo guard.
  6. Temple should lose minutes to Green if he isn't effective. I like Green's defensive ability and I like that he drives hard to the lane. We need more aggressive slashers. Temple isn't exactly an above the rim athlete. I like his leadership, but if he isn't playing well, he can play that role from the bench.
  7. I don't think Billy should play 11 guys. He needs to find 9-10 guys and ride them out. Playing Brown, Aminu, and Green will be tricky. Valentine, Aminu and Green should be on the back end of the bench. Green is the best of those three IMO.

Here is what I am thinking:




Theis- Thad

Vucevic- Lauri

Break in Case of Emergency:

Green, Aminu, Valentine, Archie


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