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Bulls vs. Cavaliers game preview and open thread

games? we want TRADES

2020 Chicago Bulls NBA Draft Team Operations Room Photo by Joe Pinchin/NBAE via Getty Images

Where are the trades? That’s way more fun than a March game between the Bulls and Cavaliers.

The Bulls will win this game comfortably, as it is a bad opponent. The Raptors will lose (they’re in Denver) and the Bulls are going to the play-in no matter what they (don’t) do.

Injury report:

Garrett Temple is improving, but still no call on whether he’s active tonight. He’s missed the last six games.

For the Cavs, you likely know Andre Drummond is ‘not with the team’ as they will likely fail to move him before the deadline. Kevin Love’s played in 11 minutes for 2021, also out. Taurean Prince is out.