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Bulls vs. Heat preview and thread: Jimmy and his butlers come to Chicago

no Bam for Miami

Orlando Magic v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Bulls suffered a humiliating defeat just last night, and it’s somewhat telling to see how they ‘respond’ to such games. The Heat are also on a back-to-back, though they had to travel. Like last night’s opponents, the Heat are out a key contributor (Bam Adebayo). All of a sudden this looks like an important game!

It’s definitely an interesting one, because Jimmy Butler is on the other team. The Heat - who went to the dang NBA Finals but faltered to start this season - have won the last 7 games Jimmy has played in, and have been on a tear since his return overall:

In a pretty wild season so far, Butler has pretty much abandoned the 3-point line but is still getting free throws by the ton and somehow is sporting an assist percentage over 40%.

It’s always kind of notable when Butler plays his old team, maybe because Chicago beat writers won’t shut the hell up about it. Remember Zach LaVine outdueling him??? I mean, we remember it because the Bulls have had so few meaningful games. Though who am I kidding, the king of corny competitiveness in Butler likely remembers as well.

The first one was in 2018, a Bulls win as Butler’s game-winning attempt at the buzzer missed. Then in 2019 when Butler was a Sixer the Bulls maybe secured Jim Boylen’s greatest victory with another one-point win.

Then, uh...the Bulls were beat twice by Butler’s Heat and I don’t remember either, strange it’s like I lobotomized myself to completely forget last season.

Injury Report:

Besides Bam, Miami is also missing Avery Bradley

For the Bulls, looks like everyone is healthy and available, except Chandler Hutchison who is ‘participating’ by putting on a uniform, which is technically progress.

Game Time: This start time is pushed back unfortunately, an 8pm central tip. NBC Sports Chicago.