Kind of Trade Rumor: Bulls interested in Ball

Multiple league sources told Action Network that Chicago is (currently) the most likely landing spot for Ball. That’s based on multiple factors, including the preference of both Ball and his agent, Rich Paul, Chicago’s interest in making a roster move and the Pelicans’ openness to discussions.

This seems legit even though I've never heard of "Action Network", which seems to mostly be a vehicle for gambling.

Anyway, he speculates the following options:

  • Ball for Porter (but notes salaries don't match.
  • Ball for Thad (salaries match, but probably not enough for Pelicans even though Lonzo's value is in the tank
  • Ball for Temple and Valentine
My main takeaway from this is that Lonzo is basically looked at as a player with very little value anymore on the trade market.

I actually think the Ball for Thad deal seems likely to me. Thad seems like just like the right "stereotypical veteran" move that SVG would make in order to further muck up his young roster while accomplishing nothing. It makes no sense strategically.

For the Bulls, you've got to be wondering if they are getting greedy and wanting more out of Thad. But the long-term bottom line is he's an old player with money on the books for next year. I don't see a lot of logic in keeping him around.

Also, I'll flat LOL if we trade Valentine and Temple for Lonzo Ball. But obviously, I'd do any of those deals.

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