Should we care that the Chicago Sun-Times doesn't have competent Bulls coverage?

I have done a quality job ignoring Cowley this season but from what I've seen he has not improved (problem areas: understanding basketball, statistics, transactions/cap, reporting).

Obviously Cowley's Twitter is embarrassing, but less important to me that it's some character who's aggressively wrong for engagement. It's that the character isn't fake, just heightened: he truly doesn't understand what he's covering.

I'm curious if this matters to fans? Way back in blogging 1.0 I thought it was worth criticizing but things are different now.

For: especially when the team is good, fans deserve competence from one of the very few independent media outlets

Against: media is so diluted nowadays, 'beat reporter' doesn't matter we're not losing anything by just ignoring an incompetent one

I was gonna put up a poll but I think we may have gotten rid of them? So, uh...just comment I guess.

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