Fan-to-Fan Recommendations

Hey guys, been a part of this site for awhile and have been a diehard Bulls fan for majority of my life. For Christmas, I’m going to my first ever Bulls game on January 14th against the Warriors. I was wondering if anyone could give me tips or anything like that.

1) I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio and I have never been west of Indianapolis, so I’m pretty excited to see Chicago for the first time. Any tips on things to do or anything like that? Gonna be there for 3 days and so far have the aquarium, the bean statue, and one of the SkyView Deck things on the agenda. Does anybody have any recommendations on what else to do? I want to get the most out of my Chicago experience/Bulls experience.

2) The United Center. I’ve obviously never been and was just wondering if there’s anything I should know or be prepared about in advance, anything like that. My seats aren’t the best because holy shit are Bulls games more expensive than Reds or Bengals games. lol

3) This is the part I’m most torn on; getting to the arena. My hotel is a 9 minute drive from the UC, but I’ve been told by some people that parking is so dang expensive and hard to come by and I shouldn’t do that. I thought about getting a taxi ride but I’ve had many people tell me that taxis are impossible to get to the stadium and especially impossible to get from the stadium. Any suggestions?

4) Probably the most important question. I’ve never tried Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. I have to. Where do I go? My hotel is on 172 West Adams Street if you guys knew the best pizza place nearby.

Any help would be appreciated. It feels really cringy getting on here essentially asking for a travel guide, but I’m not really asking as a tourist coming to Chicago, I’m asking for help as a Bulls fan.

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