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Bulls game versus Raptors postponed

Toronto couldn’t cobble together the minimum amount of players

NBA: Orlando Magic at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls game for tonight, a home contest against the Toronto Raptors, has been officially postponed.

This time it wasn’t Chicago that was driving the postponement, as the Raptors didn’t have 8 available players, the minimum set this season to play an NBA game. The situation was trending this way yesterday, as the Raps were flying to Chicago with only a handful of active players and were expected to be buoyed by 4 guys signed off the street.

But a combination of another rostered player entering protocols today (OG Anunoby) and the possibility of some of those new signees having to be immediately placed into protocols as well, the game was postponed this morning.

The Bulls do not have another scheduled game until December 26th. It was reported last week that by then the team expects Zach LaVine, among others, to have exited protocols. It’s also a reprieve for the injured players on the team in Alex Caruso (foot sprain) and Derrick Jones (hamstring strain).

Yesterday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said there are no plans for a league-wide pause. It’s yet to be even speculated when the Bulls will have these 3 postponements made up. Interestingly, this is now two games versus the Raptors (one home, one away) that will be pushed to later in the year.