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Bulls v. Lakers game preview and LIVE OPEN THREAD

Bulls basketball is BACK...TECHNICALLY!

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Los Angeles Lakers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls got the week off, as did yours truly. What I wouldn’t have done in prior seasons to see some cancelled Bulls games, ironically it happened in a year where the team is a pleasure to watch.

And though the team is back playing today, it will be far from full strength. There are going to be a bunch of missing players from both the Bulls and the Lakers tonight, and the game time itself has been affected as this has been pushed later than the original afternoon start.

But both teams will have the minimum 8 players required to play an NBA game. I don’t really see the sense in calling for a league-wide postponement. If it’s motivated by benefitting public health, ok, but you’re really calling for a cancellation or empty arenas or a bubble. I’ve seen more of the reasoning for cancelling games being that the quality of product is too bad: these skeleton rosters are producing farcical games.

To that rationale: I don’t think league-wide pause will slow the spread (and more importantly: adverse health outcomes) amongst players. Maybe if they isolated for weeks and had mandatory boosters in the interim, but that isn’t possible.

And this is just another data point that there are simply too many regular season games! The ‘product’ has always been more about volume, not quality. There wouldn’t be 82 of them if they were that important, so just suck it up and watch some league-fringe turds as the cost of doing business, all agreed upon prior to this season.

Injury Report:

This is the only useful ‘game preview’, and it’s perhaps more useful not to say who is out but who is available:

Bulls: Ball, Vucevic, DeRozan, Caruso, White, Green, Bradley, Simonovic, Cook, Dotson, McKinnie, Jones (Questionable), Thomas (Doubtful)

Lakers: James, Westbrook, Anthony, Monk, Thomas, Ellington, Rondo, Brown, Jordan, Huff

Game Time: 7pm, NBC Sports Chicago