Something to talk about while Bulls games are postponed: LaVine is elite

NBA Math is a great follow on Twitter and constantly provides insightful analysis of the league.

They often measure players based on Offensive Points Added and Defensive Points Saved.

Well, when you take a look at their latest publishings, there are only five players in the ENTIRE LEAGUE who rank higher than LaVine in Offensive Points Added: Jokic, Giannis, Steph, KD, and Trae.

So to recap....the only guys who are doing more offensively than Zach are four MVPs and a guy who reached superstar status during last year's playoffs. You can't be in that company and not be considered an elite player.

This underscores how utterly ridiculous Cowley's argument of "Zach's max contract will handcuff the Bulls" truly is.

He's one of the absolute best offensive players in the entire league and still only 26. He's shown improvement on defense, a desire to recruit other players, and a love for this franchise.

He's worth every penny of a max contract.

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