Robin Lopez?

Bulls are back! First post in a while!

Does it make sense if the Bulls should consider another backup big option, what's everyone's thoughts on RoLo? Seems like Bradley is not ready for more than 10 - 15 mins and Johnson is not viable either. Lopez is making $5M/1yr deal and we have TPE from the Theis trade for that amount to fit him in.

Issac should be returning to ORL so there doesn't seem to be any minutes left for him in the rotation with Carter, Bamba, Wagner.

I always liked RoLo when he was in Chicago, can hit a jumper and the team always rebounded better with him on the floor even though it did not show in his rebounding numbers. Haven't watched any Orlando games this year so interested in anyone's feedback.

Looks like we are $4.7M under the tax so would need to waive someone to stay under. Not sure what the package would be (2nd rounder? is that too much?) or if we should wait for him around buyout season. Waiting for buyout market is also a gamble since he may just jump on with a team like Brooklyn etc. Hopefully around buyout season this year the Bulls are a darkhorse finals contender and a more attractive option for buyout market guys.

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