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Patrick Williams’s season is already over after suffering ‘significant’ wrist injury

brutal news early in a feel-good season

NBA: Chicago Bulls-Media Day David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Williams left last night’s game early after suffering a wrist injury. The severity was not known then or post-game, but breaking news on Friday was much worse than anticipated.

Woj had the details right after Billy Donovan called the injury ‘significant’

Patrick Williams is expected to miss the rest of the regular season with a left wrist dislocation. He will undergo surgery soon. Williams suffered a perilunate dislocation. There’s hope a timetable on a return could include the playoffs.

Here is the play where it happened:

Needless to say this is terrible news. Both for the team and Williams’s development.

For Williams, it’s a critical season lost and one where he had a significant role, especially on the defensive end. Williams had a good Summer League, but suffered an ankle injury heading into training camp which caused him to miss most of preseason, and then on opening night he sprained his shoulder. That didn’t cause him to miss time, and he played 71 of 72 games his rookie season, but this latest injury is now knocking him out of over 70 games.

And for the Bulls, the fact that a 20 year old had such a significant role showed the lack of big-man (and specifically big wing) depth on the roster. Williams was even playing some backup center in lineups early this season. The next man up is likely Javonte Green, an undersized but tenacious defender. But then the backup’s-backup is going to come from outside of the current rotation, perhaps Derrick Jones Jr.

And of course we have seen that the Bulls front office is aggressive, so perhaps a trade comes much sooner than the deadline.