How much could a Bagley cost?

Word came out yesterday that Marvin Bagley is out of the Kings rotation to start the year, and his agent sent out a doozy of an announcement about it. From what I've gathered Bagley himself has not been disruptive with the team.

It doesn't seem crazy to think that Bagley is, in fact, talented and could use a change of scenery. As it so happens, the Bulls could use some depth at the 4/5, and Marvin could provide some being an athletic 6'11", 240, with a 7'1" wingspan. Ideally, he'd give you a little more rim protection, but otherwise he seems to be a solid fit as a bigger body that can do big man things and even shoot it a bit from 3.

On the Bulls side, it seems like DDJ is maybe on the outside of the rotation, or at least has become more expendable with the emergence of Javonte Green. The money works - so does a DDJ for Bagley swap work for both teams? I'm not claiming to have an intimate knowledge of the Kings roster, but at a glance it looks like Jones Jr. could slot in and help them, especially if they're looking to get up and down with their cadre of guards.

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