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the Bulls hired a new athletic trainer

he comes from The Pelicans, to which: uh...

NBA Announces Possible Re-Opening Of Team Practice Facilities Starting May 1 Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Over four months since letting go of the former head trainer, the Bulls announced a replacement: Todd Campbell

Campbell brings more than 16 years of NBA experience in both athletic training and physical therapy to the Bulls. Prior to coming to Chicago, he spent the previous three NBA seasons with the New Orleans Pelicans as the team’s athletic trainer and physical therapist....The Massachusetts native began his NBA career with the Boston Celtics as a Northeastern University student intern in 2002. In 2004, he was hired by the Celtics as a staff physical therapist. Campbell was on staff during the Boston’s 2008 NBA Championship season as well as the 2010 NBA Finals season.

Personally, I saw ‘New Orleans Pelicans” and thought “wait, wasn’t that the team that famously mismanaged injuries in part due to melding together NFL and NBA medical staffs”?

Yes, that was them!

Campbell isn’t mentioned in that story, and it looks like the streak of ‘hiring someone who’s done the job before’ ends at one. So we really don’t know what his part was in any of that.

And really I can’t say what makes a good athletic trainer, nor that team injury statistics really are a true reflection of their job performance.

But don’t bring something like this up:

If you don’t then remark that the Pelicans have been just as bad.