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Jim Boylen is gone, we can be relieved and laugh

Some of the best sound bites from the Jim Boylen era of the Chicago Bulls

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

As of Friday morning, the Jim Boylen era has officially come to a close, an era that included some humorous moments.

Boylen’s passion for the game was all out on display during games, but most of the times it spilled into the pre and post game press conferences. It was in those pressers in which some of Boylen’s best soundbites would appear.

Let’s remember some Boylenisms...

Immediately after the firing news, Cody Westerlund of 670 the Score compiled a timeline of the best Boylen moments , as he was there for many of these an in some cases was the instigator causing these responses. Additionally, former Blog A Bull writer Stephen Noh even created an app which generates a random, and real, Boylen quote. You can view here , and is where some of the choices below come from.

Below is my personal top-ten:

  1. “A little adversity, a little tough time isn’t the end of the world. My job is to prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child. These guys are men. I’m trying to prepare them for the road.”
  2. “[Kris Dunn] is a vocal part of our meal room.”
  3. Bulls across the chest
  4. We have to keep playing the way we’re playing. The wins will come...If you build it, they will come. You ever seen that movie?
  5. “When your heart is pure and you care, I just think (points) happen for you. The ball finds you.”
  6. “We got a good group of guys and a good leadership group that has a sparkling of the layers of our team.”
  7. “Win the first quarter is a success plate to me.”
  8. “That’s my mentality, road-dog mentality.”
  9. “I’m juiced, man. I’m jacked up about it.”
  10. “We practice to not have timeouts,” “I’m not in fear mode that we don’t have timeouts, because we’re prepared to not have them.”

What are your favorites?