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NBA bubble restart open thread

real basketball!

LA Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

The Bulls’ 2019-20 season may mercifully be over (at least for all intents and purposes!), but we now have real basketball to watch again. While it may not always be pretty, it’s nice to have it back. The NBA has put in a lot of work to make this Disney World bubble work, and so far it’s holding up pretty well.

Thursday night’s official restart gave us two thrilling finishes, with the Jazz edging the Pelicans on two Rudy Gobert free throws (figures) in the final seconds in the first game There was some controversy over Zion Williamson’s low minutes total, but the Pelicans are apparently just being extremely cautious.

The nightcap featured two of the title favorites in the Lakers and Clippers. The game was pretty heinous for two and a half quarters, but then both teams started cooking and we got a tremendous finish, with LeBron James winning the game thanks to a putback and lockdown defense on both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

This weekend will feature games basically all day starting with the Magic and Nets at 1:30 p.m. CT on Friday and ending with the Mavs and Suns at 8 p.m. CT on Sunday night. There are a ton of great matchups throughout the weekend, so it will be a lot of fun to just constantly have these games on.

Enjoy the basketball, and comment!