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Bulls players reportedly worried new front office isn’t listening to their Jim Boylen concerns

we know there are a lot of them

NBA Mexico City Games 2018: Chicago Bulls v Orlando Magic Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Jim Boylen is still the head coach of the Bulls despite an awful track record and multiple players criticizing him, both publicly and privately.

Now, Joe Cowley is reporting at the Chicago Sun-Times with quotes from current Bulls players expressing concerns that their words about Boylen aren’t resonating with the new front office of Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley, even though this new leadership group is stressing a motto of “players first.” Cowley reported months ago that key players had gone to the front office with criticisms of the head coach, and now ‘no one’ is being listened to.

Cowley relayed another tidbit from a player (not sure if it’s the same player) claiming it doesn’t feel like much has changed, not only in terms of the coaching staff but the rest of the front office. After the Bulls’ initial run of changes in the front office, including the dismissal of GM Gar Forman, not much has been done with many holdovers from the ‘past’ regime still around and working.

This report comes on the heels of Daniel Gafford’s public criticism of Boylen, and a K.C. Johnson report on a recent Bulls Talk Podcast (via) that Zach LaVine is frustrated.

We know LaVine has had his run-ins with Boylen, and he’s tired of all the losing he has done in the NBA. While he has been a good soldier, one has to imagine he’s one of the players filing Boylen complaints with the new front office.

It remains to be seen if LaVine will request a trade if Boylen is actually retained (or even if he’s not), but SNY’s Ian Begley reported last week that the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets are among the teams that have done background work on the Bulls guard in case he asks out. Teams likely sense the possibility of a trade request happening based on the current Boylen speculation out there, and they’re preparing for this scenario.

The Bulls should be willing to talk LaVine trades no matter what, because nobody on this roster should be untouchable, but a trade request stemming from a decision to keep Boylen would be a brutal look. I’d like to think Karnisovas will ultimately pull the trigger on a coaching change despite the Reinsdorfs and John Paxson wanting Jimbo to stay, but the way this is all playing out is very weird and very Bulls.