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Daniel Gafford the latest Bulls player to take a jab at Jim Boylen


Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Jim Boylen is still the coach of the Bulls, and it sure looks like the seeds are being planted to possibly keep him. If Daniel Gafford’s recent comments about Boylen are any indication, he wouldn’t be too thrilled about that.

During an NBA 2K Twitch stream on Monday, the rookie was asked if he liked Boylen. The response was pretty telling:

“He’s alright. I don’t like him a lot, but he’s ok. He’s got some things he can work on. Got some things he could get better at, as a person and as a coach. But I’m not gonna hate on him, not gonna hate the man. But, you know …”

Here’s the video:

While it’s kind of surprising that a rookie just came out and said this, it’s not surprising that Gafford isn’t Boylen’s biggest fan. The youngster was stapled to the bench to start the season despite the Bulls’ slow start and Luke Kornet’s awfulness, only to make a big splash in his first real action against the Bucks in mid-November. Gafford didn’t exactly get consistent minutes after that, though, and there was that whole weird no-timeout deal when he suffered an ankle injury in the middle of the game against Dallas.

A rookie having issues with his coach isn’t exactly big news in a vacuum, but Gafford is just the latest Bull to take issue with Boylen’s coaching:

Then, as part of intelligence-gathering by the new Karnisovas regime in early May, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Joe Cowley reported that multiple key players criticized Boylen.

Just part of “a thick dossier of reasons why” the Bulls need to make a coaching change (also that 39-84 record, and many other things!), but still we wait.