There were no development at all with #GarPax

I was reading some comments from the new hired GM Marc Eversley, and he said:

"I was surprised to find that there was one player development coach on the staff. That's a helluva job for one person to take on. It's going to be one of my tenets to try and figure out our player development system.

That leaves no wonder why we haven’t seen any development from the players drafted by the Bulls in the last years, especially with Lauri with the bump year and Wendell with no confidence at all with his shot although we saw he can shoot from distance.

We were like dinossaurs among the league, and since Rose injuries, the nba changed a lot with the statistics, 3pt shots, fast pace, and we were always the last one to adapt.

Damn!!! One person to develop an entire team!!! Seriously? What a hell GarPax were thinking? I’m really perplexed with this information.

At least, better late than never. We’ll have a development system installed and we can finally see some development from Lauri and Wendell. And we as fans deserves better days.

I, personally, have a great faith in this new Front Office!

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