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New Bulls front office making training staff changes

head trainer Jeff Tanaka has left the building

Memphis Grizzlies v Chicago Bulls Photo by Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images

The new Bulls front office members, led by Arturas Karnisovas, continue to make some moves while the league is shut down.

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reporting that while dynasty mainstay Chip Shaefer remains in charge of Sports Performance, head trainer Jeff Tanaka is leaving the organization.

This was a department I legitimately was curious as to whether Karnisovas even had ‘full authority’ over like he did ‘basketball operations’ (no word yet on what exactly John Paxson is advising ownership on, if not basketball...).

Tanaka joined the Bulls in 2008, and in a very Bullsian move at the time, was kept around as head trainer after Fred “cleared him” Tedeschi left in 2014.

Tedeschi was a notorious target as Derrick Rose’s injuries accumulated and comebacks got weirder. Tanaka then also received some flak in subsequent seasons as the injury problems have seemingly only gotten worse.

But it’s possible, just maybe, that it’s not the trainer who is at fault but an organizational philosophy expressed by John Paxson and carried out by his hatchet-man Jim Boylen that is the actual problem?

Karnisovas, and fellow new hire Marc Eversley, have expressed a desire to address this at an organizational level. But unfortunately both Paxson and Boylen are still around. It is unclear why Karnisovas can let Tanaka leave, yet Boylen requires special in-person consideration before a decision can be made on him (and Boylen himself can fire people).