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Chicago Bulls to start search to hire a new executive to the front office, NOW

still to be determined who is staying, and true ‘authority’

Bulls fall to 7th pick in the 2019 NBA draft lottery Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Since the All-Star break when we learned that Bulls President Michael Reinsdorf was looking for input on who to add to the front office this offseason, rumors have slowly trickled out as to the actual process. However things began to pick up this afternoon as Bulls fans got some intriguing news regarding Chicago’s quest to find a new face to make basketball decisions. At least in terms of the timeline.

As reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Bulls will immediately a formal search to hire another basketball executive (or a couple) to their front office. K.C. Johnson, along with Wojnarowski also tweeted a list of candidates Chicago will be looking to reportedly interview, all first-time lead decisionmakers.

Johnson also mentioned there are other candidates on Reinsdorf’s list of potential hires including Michael Winger, General Manager of the Los Angeles Clippers and Justin Zanik, GM of the Utah Jazz.

As an initial observation, this looks like a solid list of candidates. All of the names mentioned have been successful in their roles from Webster playing a part in the Toronto Raptors building a culture of development to Winger helping the Clippers land both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard this past offseason.

It seems too early to declare anyone as the leader to get the job but the process will really begin to speed up next week. As reported by Johnson and Woj, that’s when interviews will start so we will probably get more news then.

So now the key question becomes, what power does this new hire truly have? Do John Paxson and Gar Forman remain?

Well from the looks of it, Paxson himself looks to be the one leading the charge for the search (as reported by Johnson) so it seems he won’t be going anywhere. Woj says it’s likely Paxson remains in an advisory role, with “conversations” to come regarding Forman’s future. We’ve seen reports recently that that Forman has been moved to mostly a scouting role already. However Johnson did write an interesting tidbit at the end of his news article that the new hire will have to sign off on Forman’s future with Chicago.

There hasn’t been any mention on Jim Boylen’s future as head coach of the Bulls but one can surely assume that whoever the Bulls get will also have a say in that as well.

While it does seem to be good news that the Bulls are looking for fresh faces in the building, it doesn’t seem like it will be a complete teardown and looks more like a restructuring. But it is a step in the right direction to get Chicago back on track.