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Bulls vs. Nets game preview, injury report, lineups

weird situation in Brooklyn

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

What the heck, there’s a Bulls game in an hour?

Injury Report:

Zach LaVine is still out. Ryan Arcidiacono too. Jim Boylen is sticking with Otto Porter (and Coby White) on the bench for some reason haha. It’s almost like these games aren’t meaningful or something...

The Nets have their stars out (and Garrett Temple). Interim coach - more on that in a moment - Jacque Vaughn is catering to the vets by starting DeAndre Jordan. I’m sure that’ll keep him around next year.

Tale of two franchises:

The Nets fired their head coach yesterday, though he has had years of actual success with the team. Here was their front office on the decision:

This was an extremely difficult decision, however the organization believes it is one that is necessary at this time. Kenny was instrumental in developing our players and building the identity and culture we have become known for over these past four seasons. The foundation he helped put into place here is one that we will continue to build on in the coming seasons.

Meanwhile, here is the totally unambitious and flaccid Bulls front office on their head coach, a year-long clown show with no measurable success:

We’re obviously having a tough season. But all along, I’ve asked Jim to continue to focus on teaching our young players, focusing on development and accountability, and he is doing that for us. He and his staff continue to work with players in practice and through individual film work so they can continue to grow, which we all believe will pay dividends in the future. Jim can’t control the injuries. And he is remaining positive, which is what we need the remainder of the season.

(keep in mind this is one of like a half-dozen times the Bulls will talk to their fans all season, and it was on a Saturday afternoon in March)

The Bulls are 7.5 games behind the Nets at the moment, and Brooklyn is one of the top-8 teams in the conference, a group of teams that hilariously the Bulls have zero wins against all season. But there’s been great work in the film room!