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No, don’t get excited that Coby White is starting (don’t get excited about anything)

remember: everything sucks

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Chicago Bulls Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

‘Big’ news out of practice yesterday, Coby White is starting tonight against Cleveland.

This was treated with elation from media partners and the fringe element of #BullsTwitter.

Is this actually a big deal at all? We’ll have something on Coby White individually - he has improved from a really bad first few months - but it’s March in a lost season, so of course not: this isn’t important at all.

But is it actually bad? Maybe!

Why? Because John Paxson has poisoned the franchise to where even discussing meager achievements is potential for them to spin it into job security.

In case you missed it (and this was by design, as it occurred on a Saturday afternoon), Paxson deigned to poke his head out for one of a handful of times all season to admit absolute failure, fire his hand-picked coach, and resign from a job he has no ability or ambition to succeed in.

Just kidding!

Jim Boylen and his staff continue to work with players in practice and through individual film work so they can continue to grow, which we all believe will pay dividends in the future.

Coby (White) is a good example. He is putting in the work and getting better.

Nonononono. It shouldn’t work like this. Paxson, last time he spoke, said that he doesn’t know what he has because the injuries make it impossible to evaluate. Due to injuries and guys coming back from injuries, Coby White is starting alongside Shaq Harrison and Denzel Valentine. If you cannot evaluate enough to say Lauri Markkanen sucks, you cannot evaluate Coby White to say he’s good.

It is a personal sacrifice to maintain this attitude, but we have to remain vigilant. These tools will shamelessly point to a 2nd quarter game around the trade deadline as a ‘battle’ and a marker of improvement. Or literally lie about team rankings.

This may turn out to be an even more pathetic stretch run than that magical February 2019: at least then they won, like, six games. And that was absolutely hammered, repeatedly, all offseason as a beacon of hope heading into the next season. What momentum...into a total faceplant.

Now they want to try and make everyone forget that they totally faceplanted? Or at least put it out there and figure fewer people are paying attention (guilty!).

Otto Porter gets it: this is indeed all pointless.

So no, don’t even allow them a “good example” like Coby White flinging in shots during the death throes of a collapsed campaign. They’ll take any good thing and try to spin it into things being good. They’re not good: Fire Boylen, Fire GarPax.