Highlights from The Ringer's #FireGarPax Manifesto

Okay it's not really a manifesto but it's a hell of a read.

I don't want to spoil it but this fucking post-literate society, man. So here are some highlights:

1. Jerry Spanier, the guy in the 86 GARPAX jersey who was kicked out of the arena came back during all-star weekend wearing a different (Chicago Sky) 86 GARPAX jersey.

2. Jeffrey Steinberg owns a billboard on the Kennedy and changed it to read "Welcome to Chicago! #FireGarPax" to deliberately target incoming visitors during all-star weekend. "'I’m not someone who would normally want someone out of a job. But it’s bullshit what they’ve done to the team,' Steinberg says of Forman and Paxson."

3. Rachel Nichols on ESPN hosted "The Jump" from Navy Pier. While Scottie's comments are reported (and frankly for a guy who does get a paycheck from the org are pretty indefensible), I didn't notice or remember Tracy McGrady making fun of Boylen. "Are they still punching the clock?" he asked.

4. Lauri was apparently in town this weekend and was spotted by the writer just randomly in the crowd, waiting in line. The writer asked why he didn't get comped, but apparently he would have had to have driven his own car to the player's only/VIP space. Still surreal.

5. Jim Boylen was not merely ice skating. He showed up too. This section is worth an extensive quotation.

Minutes later, in the middle of the United Center concourse, Jim Boylen was making his way through the crowd. Heads turned. Fingers pointed. People laughed in his direction. I asked him how he was feeling at the midpoint of the season with the Bulls stuck in NBA purgatory—five games from the East’s eighth seed but four and a half games from the very bottom of the conference.

"I feel good about it," Boylen said. He narrowed his eyes and scrunched his forehead, as if squeezing the press-conference platitudes from his brain. "We play hard. But we gotta get some bodies back. … And then we lost Markkanen and Dunn within a few days of each other. When those two guys go down, it’s tough. We were third in defense until Carter got hurt. We’re tanked right now. We just gotta get guys back."

6. Sam Smith exchanges his Hall of Fame credentials for a plaque that reads NOBULLSFAULT. "'Jerry must be thinking his instincts were right: Don’t bring that thing back here!'" said longtime Chicago sportswriter Sam Smith, author of the seminal locker room tell-all The Jordan Rules and now a writer for, which puts him in the peculiar position of being a contract employee of the team. 'I know Jerry couldn’t have anticipated it, but to have the whole NBA here for the first time in 32 years when your community is in a furor, it reflects poorly on the organization.'"

7. Sam also adds that Jerry "gets a clip file every day of everything that's written about the Bulls and White Sox." Unfortunately the clips are probably from all the writers that he's paying now.

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