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Bulls use All-Star Weekend to seek input on changes in front office, per reports

way too status quo

NBA: Lottery Draft Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Right before the 2020 NBA All-Star Game tipped off at the United Center, Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times and K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago delivered similar reports about potential changes in the Bulls’ front office, which have been rumored for a while now.

The gist of these reports is this:

  • Michael Reinsdorf has used All-Star Weekend to talk to people around the league about changes in the front office. Cowley defined a potential new hire as a GM “with a louder voice.” Johnson’s description is “an empowered presence” in the front office.
  • John Paxson would not be going anywhere but would take a step back in terms of his public presence.
  • Gar Forman would not be going anywhere but would essentially be demoted to a full-time scouting role ... which supposedly has kind of happened already. The scouting department would then get an overhaul.
  • Jim Boylen’s job status would be up in the air. The Reinsdorfs and Paxson still back Boylen, but a new hire would almost certainly have a big say in whether the embattled head coach would be retained.
  • Jerry Reinsdorf is fond of a White Sox model with Paxson taking on a Kenny Williams-esque role, while a new hire would be akin to GM Rick Hahn.

To me, this is too close to the status quo and wouldn’t be enough. A new GM hire would have to be really good and would need a lot of autonomy to make decisions for it to truly make sense, but if Paxson is still there (heck, even Forman), would that really be the case? The Boylen stuff is also semi-concerning.

After what happened this All-Star Weekend, you’d think maybe Bulls ownership would be willing to make more drastic changes. But for right now, it looks like they don’t want to go through with a more thorough housecleaning, though this really shouldn’t be all that surprising.