Making sense of Coby White amidst his mis-use.

Maybe someone who watches the games can tell me why this is, but I saw something I thought was kind of funny about Coby White statistically.

That is, there seem to be some games when he plays some point guard, and then seem to be other games when he's told to run down the floor and shoot every time he touches the ball.

What I think is kind of weird about this is that when Coby is looking to pass, he seems to be pretty good at it. What I did was separate the games where Coby averaged at least 4.9 assists per 48 minutes vs. those where he didn't.

Here's the set of games where Coby is passing vs. when he's not passing:

Situation GP MPG AST TO AS48 TO48 A/TO
Passing 21 24.9 3.7 1.2 8.3 2.2 3.7
Not 34 24.0 1.2 1.6 2.4 3.4 0.7

For comparison, he's the same breakdown with Zach LaVine

Situation GP MPG AST TO AS48 TO48 A/TO
Passing 33 34.2 8.4 3.4 7.8 4.7 1.7
Not 22 35.1 2.9 4.4 0.7 4.4 0.7

What I'm getting at here is the big jump in Assist to Turnover Ratio that Coby has that LaVine doesn't. In situations where LaVine is trying to pass a lot, he still turns it over a ton. So his assist ratio improves, but it's still only 1.7. Which is pretty bad for guy expected to distribute.

Coby, on the other hand, seems to post a 3.7 A/TO ratio when he's looking to pass.

Like I said above, I haven't actually watched a lot of the games, but what I see is that Coby only rarely gets the chance to try to run the "offense" (quotes because this is basically a really, really unsophisticated offense). Is this accurate? Maybe what the Bulls should be doing is working really hard to have him learn how to run a team. Or maybe this is just some random statistical curiosity.

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