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2020 Bulls schedule is out (partially)

the first 37 games of the season are scheduled

Chicago Bulls Introduce 2020 Draft Picks Photo by Joe Pinchin/NBAE via Getty Images

I did not realize they were only releasing part of the NBA schedule today. But here is the first half (37 games) of your 2020 Chicago Bulls campaign:

After four preseason games (that start a week from today(!)), the opener will have drama - I mean, as much as the 2020 Bulls will have drama, - with Kris Dunn returning to the United Center.

(of note: no, there won’t be any fans at the United Center for the time being)

There will be 72 games in all, and it looks like that condensed timeline has more back-to-backs than before. Between that and sure-to-come COVID absences, this should be a really variable season.

In an unsurprising development, there lack of national TV games, and the #TNTBulls streak lives on at least for another half-season.

With just a cursory glance, while there aren’t going to be many teams you peg as definitely worse than the Bulls, this does look like a bit of a soft early schedule. Combine that with the 10th seed getting into a play-in for the Eastern Conference Playoffs, it’ll be interesting to see how non-contending teams view a March 25th trade deadline.