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Listen to my Bulls preview on the Dunc’d On Podcast

best one I’ve heard

Recorded this earlier today, it was a lot of fun and dare I say the best podcast I’ve heard about the Bulls.

I joined Nate and discussed the front office changes, what went wrong last year, Bulls inactivity this offseason, projections for the rotation, and predictions for this year. There is also some catharsis in remembering that from a national perspective it’s a huge deal that there are new people in charge. It should be mentioned that I did this last year and was totally right in my prediction that Jim Boylen was going to submarine the entire operation.

Yes, you have to pay for the privilege of hearing my nasal Chicago accent. But I can say I am a subscriber to Dunc’d On Prime and really enjoy it. It is a first-listen for me when news breaks, and then you save time not having to listen to Simmons+Rusillo or that lot. And the up-to-date cap sheets are nice to have too. And they have on compelling guests!