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Jim Boylen holds timeout instead of addressing injured player the game after explicitly saying he doesn’t do that

this fucking guy, part xxx

Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The ‘weird Jim Boylen shit’ beat is hot again, as there was another Boylening in the Bulls latest ‘competitive loss’ (opinions vary) in Dallas.

Near the end of the first half, reserve center Daniel Gafford went down in significant pain during a defensive possession. The game...just kinda went on. The Mavericks drove the ball in and scored on a putback, then the Bulls took the ball out of bounds.

I don’t recall (nor can find) the Bulls broadcast of this, but the Mavs home telecast was weirded out by the Bulls not calling a timeout to allow Gafford to be looked at and subbed for.

Instead, per the play-by-play (and you can hear it a bit in the broadcast), there were delay of game warnings assessed to both teams, but then the Bulls brought up the ball while Boylen had that creepy hands-folded-in-front-of-him pose he does, and the Mavs defense intentionally fouled at opposing coach Rick Carlisle’s direction to stop the game.

Tim Cato of The Athletic was in their building, and said this is what Boylen was doing at the time.

Boylen was literally yelling at the refs how he wasn’t taking a foul and said “I’m subbing!” Which obviously he couldn’t do, since it wasn’t a dead-ball situation so Gafford had to stay in the play.

It actually appeared the referees even thought Chicago was taking a timeout, until Jim Boylen yelled he wasn’t, and “I’m subbing”, which required the injured player (Gafford) to stay in the game until the next dead ball.

This is weird as hell, but it wasn’t addressed post-game. Perhaps in part because (I think) only two reporters traveled to this one*:, one of whom works for a team-owned outlet and the other is the only person thinking less critically about coaching than John Paxson.

Which is a shame because it’d be one thing if this was isolated idiocy, but just last game there was a more contentious postgame presser at home where Cody Westerlund of 670 the Score got Boylen to expound on his dumbass rationale for burning through his timeouts.

One of the things Boylen said - which didn’t address the question - was his pride in taking timeouts to address an injured player!

“I’m not going to save a timeout when I got a guy out there that looks like he got really hurt,” Boylen said. “That’s not what I’m about.”

Look at how defensive he got about it and everything!

So a game after tapping his hard pail and lunch hat over how protective he is of his crew, this friggin’ guy either intentionally did the opposite, or perhaps merely froze and forgot the substitution rules?

I can only assume if asked about it he’ll say he intended all of it to happen. Because he’s a terrible coach and maybe a bad guy too.

*this has been the only good Bulls tweet I’ve seen in the past week: