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Bulls vs. Wizards game preview, lineups, injury report

showdown for 11th place

Chicago Bulls v Washington Wizards Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Hey, this is a team the Bulls have proven they can beat in meaningless fashion!

And they have before, though that took an inexplicable late comeback and some timely misses from Bradley Beal to secure in overtime. That one is included in the games that the Bulls and state-run media are positing as ‘December to remember they went .500’ month.

Injury report:

looks like the only difference between that game and this one for Washington is that reserve center Thomas Bryant is available. Mo Wagner and Rui Hachimura are still out.

For the Bulls, should be relatively stable going forward with the only injuries being long-term ones (great).


The Bulls and Wizards are sadly more even than anticipated based on available talent. Stylistically, they are polar opposites. The Wiz have a top-10 offense that’s falling by the wayside lately (like the Bulls and their defensive ‘system’), and sport the very worst defense in basketball. The classic matchup of moveable object versus resistible force.

Wiz coming in with an extra day of rest, last game was Sunday blowing a huge 2nd half lead to the Jazz. I wonder if they battled and showed their growth plate though.

Bulls are back home. Should be good for the team, but bad for the marketing division.

I suppose there’s the battle between Zach LaVine getting that token home all-star bid and fellow competitor for that slot Bradley Beal?

I dunno, I’m figuring a lot of you, like myself, are ‘rooting’ for chaos and humiliation. But I’m not sure that’s fair to the players given they’ll be the ones feeling it not coaching or management.

Start time: 7pm Central on NBCSportsChicago