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Chicago Bulls 2019-2020 win projections look better than Vegas’s lines

Some think the high 30s, some think the low 30s

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls are trying to be good this year.

And if ‘good’ means taking a step forward relative to last year as the Bulls progress through this rebuild, then the Bulls have a chance at achieving their goal. The Bulls won 22 games last season. Unless all hell breaks loose, this season isn’t going to be worse than that.

The Bulls had a productive summer that many analysts liked in terms of boosting their 2019-20 win total. Soon after that, Vegas lines came out that pegged the Bulls in the high-20s, then crept up to around 31-33 wins.

Lately, various analytically-inclined hoops writers have run their numbers and project an even better total than that:

Kevin Pelton - ESPN (39.3 wins; 9th in the East)

The East is the East, so 39 wins is going to be very competitive towards getting a playoff spot. I think Bulls fans would be thrilled if the Bulls win 17 more games than they did last season.

Jacob Goldstein - BBall Index (38.9 wins; 8th in the East)

The 38.9 wins he projects is very similar to Pelton’s projection. Goldstein gives the Bulls a 55 percent chance to reach the playoffs and has them slated as the eighth best team in the Eastern Conference.

Kevin Ferrigan (36.5 wins; 10th in the East)

Ferrigan, one-time BaB writer, has his TRE metric that rates a bit less optimistic here. Again, 36.5 wins would be a huge improvement on last season but if these projections hold true the Bulls would finish 10th in the Eastern Conference and miss the playoffs for the third straight year. Kevin discussed this in detail with our guy Mark on his BullsHQ podcast.

FiveThirtyEight (38 wins; 8th in the East)

This one has the Bulls sneaking into the playoffs at No. 8 in the Eastern Conference. It has four teams in the Eastern Conference projected at 37 to 39 wins so if you are into NBA playoff races for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference you are in for a treat next year.