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What the Bulls players are doing outside their building this summer

they’re staying busy, but not within eyesight of GarPax

USA Basketball Men’s National Team - USA White v USA Blue
“ya know, I worked with Jim Boylen”
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The NBA schedule release helped break up the dog days of summer, but now we have to wait a while longer for Bulls training camp to open. The FIBA World Cup is coming up in a few weeks to help stem the tide a bit, though Team USA is looking rather shaky given all the dropouts.

The Bulls love talking about their guys working in their building and hating when they don’t, most recently after this past season where John Paxson not-so-subtly blamed the players for getting injured:

“The thing I tried to impress upon players last night is we have everything here for them to work and improve this summer. For players to endure an 82-game season, they have to get stronger and get more powerful. They need to spend more time in the room over here behind us where they use the resources we have. I made that as clear as I could last night to the players. I think our training methods are excellent if the players will buy into them. I’m confident in our training methods. I would like to see our players in this building adhering to that.”

While the summer means the initial rush of free agency and then saw Jim Boylen-led team bonding in Las Vegas for Summer League, Paxson’s guys are now doing plenty of things outside their building:

Thaddeus Young

I mentioned all those Team USA dropouts, and they opened the door for Thaddeus Young to get the call to last week’s training camp in Las Vegas. Young accepted the invitation and took part in the camp, but unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) he was cut after the Blue vs. White scrimmage in which he had five points on 2-of-6 shooting in 11 minutes.

Ultimately, participating in the camp but not playing in the World Cup may be the best option here, as he can now focus on preparing for the Bulls’ season after spending an invaluable week with USA Basketball. He has also spent a lot of time running various camps and youth basketball programs.

Tomas Satoransky

Another new Bull, Tomas Satoransky, will be playing in the World Cup for the Czech Republic. Satoransky is a star of the Czech squad, and he has been spending his summer in his home country preparing for the event and talking about how he was happy the Wizards didn’t match the Bulls’ offer.

Cristiano Felicio

Cristiano Felicio may not be a good NBA player, but he’s the only other Bull who will be suiting up in the World Cup. In addition to spending time preparing for that in his native Brazil, Felicio has been spending time in Chicago, Vegas and Arizona, among the places you can see on his Instagram.

And now, here’s a picture of Felicio and his dogs:

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Puppies ❤️

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Coby White

The Bulls rookie just signed a shoe deal with Adidas and took part in the annual Rookie Photo Shoot:

Coby White has also worked out with Chris Paul, one of his mentors.

Lauri Markkanen

The Finnisher has naturally spent plenty of time in his native Finland. He also just welcomed Coby White to the Bulls by dunking all over him at a Jr. NBA camp:

Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine has been putting in a lot of work:

And having fun with Kris Bryant:

Wendell Carter Jr.

We know Wendell Carter Jr. unfortunately underwent surgery this summer, but he’s ready to get back at it. He even apologized for letting the fans down last season:

Otto Porter Jr.

Otto Porter Jr. has been all over the place this summer, from jumping off boats in Miami to celebrating his birthday in Virginia to meeting up with the GOAT in Monaco:

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If you take a scroll through Porter’s Instagram, you’ll see a dude who has enjoyed his summer.

Kris Dunn

From what I can tell, Kris Dunn has spent a lot of this summer back at Providence and playing video games.

Denzel Valentine

We haven’t seen Denzel Valentine on the court since the 2017-18 season. He has continued to work his way back to action with time in the gym this summer, while also enjoying some R+R in Hawaii.

Chandler Hutchison

Chandler Hutchison has done some boating, fishing and Lollapalooza.

Ryan Arcidiacono

Arch has plenty of Villanova stuff all over his social media. He also apparently went to The Jersey Shore with Mikal Bridges:

Luke Kornet

Congrats to Luke Kornet:

Daniel Gafford

Didn’t see too much on Daniel Gafford, but he is stoked about being in NBA 2K20.

Shaquille Harrison

Shaq was back home in Kansas City for a while.

Antonio Blakeney

Antonio Blakeney has plenty of workout videos on his Instagram, and he was defrosting his haters in Vegas. He also loved Bobby Portis’ event for his foundation, which featured a celebrity game. LaVine and Carter were apparently both in attendance as well.