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Bulls sign Luke Kornet to be team’s backup center

spent first two seasons of career with Knicks

Chicago Bulls v New York Knicks Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Another signing for the Bulls, hours after retaining a guy who provided some interesting minutes on a bad team last year in Ryan Arcidiacono, they took one from the New York Knicks.

That’s right, Luke ‘The UniKorn’ Kornet is the new Bulls backup center (maybe?), reportedly signing a 2-year deal. It is not clear yet the terms but it appears to be more than the minimum, meaning the Bulls will either have to use their room exception or find a way to gain cap space.

Kornet is interesting. He’ll turn 24 this month, having spent 66 games with the Knicks (and 46 games in the GLeague) after going undrafted in 2017.

He’s basically a giant man who shoots a lot of threes. Here’s our Knicks brother-site Posting and Toasting at the end of last season:

When Kornet was given his touches from beyond the arc, he certainly took advantage of them. The big guy led the team with an eye-popping 8.8 three-point attempts per 36 minutes. He hit his threes at a decent 36.3% clip, which helped to mitigate a 41.1% mark from inside the arc, almost inconceivable for a seven-footer.

Though Kornet’s low rebounding statistics are tough to look at, he can always improve.

Defensively, it looks like Kornet has a solid block rate which helped lead to some good on/off numbers.

And thus it looks to be an actual good speculative move by the Bulls. They seem to be targeting guys who can potentially help win basketball games instead of put up points and jersey sales and had a house in the area or Gar Forman’s golf buddy recommended during the draft. Signing Luke Kornet doesn’t like “move the needle” or whatever, and I’m not even that encouraged if he’s just assumed to take over as the 4th big, but as a guy to find on the margins this is encouraging that the Bulls at least found someone interesting.