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Ryan Arcidiacono BACK to Bulls on 3-year deal

so grind, much spirit

NBA: Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls have another point guard on the roster, re-signing restricted free agent Ryan Arcidiacono.

Shams was the first to report a 3yr, $9m figure. KC Johnson of the Tribune has yet to report any ‘guarantee protection’, his buzzword of his offseason.

(and in this case: lordy, let there be guarantee protection)

For cap ramifications, KC did confirm that Arch was signed via the Early Bird exception. This is basically a way to go over the cap to keep your own free agents when they have less than 3 years with the team.

This is all to say they still have the room exception at their disposal this offseason.

I don’t think Arcidiacono is particularly worth more than a minimum-salary player in that role, but he’s really not making much more than that either. And you have the intangibles of being in our building and really into Bulls across the chest...whatever that is worth (more to Paxson and Boylen football practice than me, anyway) AND he’s still young to where the durability isn’t so much a concern as it would be for a more experienced veteran.

And as a player, Arcidiacono has improved to be NBA-level. Has a famously (in Bulls beat media circles) high Assist/Turnover ratio, and hit over 37% of his three-pointers. He does pretty much nothing else, and his defense is more effort-full than effective, but he can be the emergency point guard, sure.

This leads back to what Kris Dunn’s role may be going forward, as the person who lost some of those starts to Arcidiacono (by both injury and ineffectiveness), may have just received even more indication that he’s headed out.