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Bulls free agency day 3 may include a Kris Dunn trade

Bulls still have room exception available

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls struck on both days of NBA Free Agency so far, landing Thaddeus Young on the first night and then Tomas Satoransky early the next morning.

These are good signings! Even notoriously cynical BlogABull Dot Com thinks so.

As we head into day three, we’ve already reached the Isaiah Thomas and Anthony Tolliver stages of the spending period. That said, Kawhi Leonard still hasn’t decided his next team and that will have ramifications for the teams he doesn’t pick, especially if it’s the Lakers and Clippers as both still will have substantial cap room.

Back to the Bulls, KC Johnson with knowledge of the Bulls thinking:

still planning to address shooting or add another big man with all or part of their $4.76 million “room” exception.

There was also a rumor from Jake Fischer of SI (someone I don’t historically trust for rumors but that’s more because he’s relatively new) that Kris Dunn may be headed out of town.

I presume that even though the Bulls would want depth at the guard spots, they also may feel that Dunn will be peeved at no longer being the likely starter (Satoransky) or future at the position (Coby White). They still have matching rights on Ryan Arcidiocano. And Dunn’s upside isn’t likely worth finding out if he’s going to ‘dog’ the whole thing up.

Some options:

  • Move Dunn’s ~$5.35m salary and generate some cap room. Hopefully the Bulls wouldn’t attach an asset to do this.
  • Use Dunn in a trade where you can take back over $9m in salary. This opens up options in the ‘good guy shooter’ tier of CJ Miles, Kyle Korver, Jae Crowder, all hilariously on the Grizzlies. Then spend room exception on a big man.
  • Package Dunn and Cristiano Felicio to take back a 2019-expiring backup big turd. Other team would potentially take Felicio’s 2020-21 money just to reduce this season’s payroll (and hey, maybe they want to try a reclamation project in Dunn). Guys like Bismack Biyombo, Ian Mahimni, Timofey Mozgov (if he’s ever playing again), then use room exception on a shooter.

If you want to know who’s left out there for the room exception, it’s a dwindling list. Thankfully the Bulls avoided both house-in-the-area and nepotism clauses in their management plan when letting Frank Kaminsky go to the Phoenix Suns.