Lowe Post Consensus: Pat Beverley is Going to "Win" Free Agency

Post-draft recap episode of The Lowe Post podcast features the following exchange in their discussion of the Bulls:

Jonathan Givony mentions that White has the "length of a 6'1" player" and then reiterates that the Bulls will still be going after a veteran guard in free agency. "Maybe Beverley who it looks like is going to have a pretty good market."

Zach Lowe: "Patrick Beverley looks like he's going to win free agency compared to what you would have expected two seasons ago."

Bobby Marks: "Zach, I thought he was a mid-level guy, like a $9 million guy. I think he's going to get $14 or $15 million."

It's at the 47 minute mark of this episode.

I think this is completely correct. Teams rarely find "bargains" when attracting free agents from other teams and Beverley is going to get paid. The idea that he'll sign a long term deal for something approaching his current salary is almost certainly wishful thinking.

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