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Chicago Bulls extend Jim Boylen’s contract. Seriously! As head coach of the team!

laughable for a big market franchise, but very Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The kind of news that KC Johnson smugly says is ‘expected’ was officially confirmed by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski: Jim Boylen is not only officially back next year, but potentially will inflict several more years of Boylen-ing on us all.

The Chicago Bulls have agreed on a multi-year contract extension with coach Jim Boylen, league sources told ESPN.

After replacing Fred Hoiberg in December, Boylen had agreed on a short contract that would take him through the end of the 2019-2020 season, but this new deal will replace it.

The team announced it shortly after, only and boy you can tell the great confidence the Bulls have in the perception of this given it was trickled out on a Friday afternoon.

If you tuned out on the Bulls to focus on real NBA teams these playoffs, or just like enjoying your life with things better than watching a 22-win team faceplant through the end of the season with this very coach, I have some reading material to help contextualize this move:

1: Boylen showed to be an unsuccessful head coach who struggled to get buy-in to run his outdated philosophies:

2: Boylen only has this job because he was able to con John Paxson and the Reinsdorfs into spirit toughness Chicago blue-collar bullshit

3: It’s the second straight time the Bulls have hired a coach without a coaching search. Boylen was already there in their building and they apparently saw all they needed to and surely didn’t need ‘outside voices’. Though terms are not disclosed yet on this new deal, Boylen was the lowest-paid head coach in the league on his old one.

While KC Johnson had reported several times that this was going to happen, it still is a shame to see. Especially with the timeline as there’s no need for urgency (unless you believe this regarding assistant coaches). At the least they could’ve waited until after the Draft Lottery to make sure that Zion Williamson’s initiation into professional basketball wasn’t led by this guy.

Have a nice weekend Bulls fans, with a big “screw you, idiots!” send-off from the Chicago Bulls franchise.