Lonzo Ball - Does he make sense for the Bulls

So the latest rumors coming out of LA are that Chicago has agreed to trade some package involving the 7th pick for Lonzo Ball. Here are a few "sources" (they're iffy)

Bleacher Report

Pippen Ain't Easy

Fadeaway World

The obvious question here becomes - is this worth it? If the trade is simply Lonzo for the 7th and Dunn - is that a no brainer?

For me, I'm irked by the trade. Part of the reason is Lonzo - his play in his sophomore year was pretty meh overall. His reluctance to change his shooting mechanics seems idiotic, his low FT percentage is scary, and there hasn't been a lot of evidence that he can create shot opportunities in the half court.

Then there's the whole BBB reality TV concept that I don't want near my team. According to Laker friends of mine, that whole chapter is now behind Lonzo - but I'm not sure if there is truly evidence of that. As soon as he starts getting success wouldn't his father creep back into the spotlight?

Finally there's the Bulls aspect - and this is probably what irks me the most. One of my favorite comments made on this blog is from NickBadgers52. You can find it here

GarPax are pissed

Not because they lost out on Zion but because now they have to scout 3 more players.

That was to me the funniest line post lottery - and the reason was because it felt true. This Lonzo rumor also feels true for the same reason - because GAR PAX really don't want to put in the work that it takes to scout players.

Like the Joke suggests, if the Bulls were Picking top 5, maybe top 4 - they would have clear cut winners on who they should draft. Now? Well now it's about having a plan B to your plan B. It's about having faith in your quantitative analysis on these prospects, asking the right questions, speaking with the right people. It's about being able to look past the flash and see the fire. It's about things that the Bulls love to rave about but have never showed any real skill in being able to spot.

You can sell me on Lonzo. Sell me on his undeniable athletic gifts, his size as a PG, his accuracy in making passes. You can cite how much teammates from HS, College, and the Lakers love playing with him. You can show me the highlights. But at the end of the day, I can't think about this move being a lazy out for our inept front office.

This organization continues to show me that it's all about getting rich, and not about getting chips. They continue to prove they don't really have a process, they just are throwing darts on a board and hoping the fans like when they hit, and have an excuse ready for when they don't.

That's my take - I'd love to hear everyone elses

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